Bend It Like Roundbottom

Fun fact:  soccer games for the 3 to 6-year-old league are a lot closer to rugby than European football.  It’s  a swirling mass of little bodies in a desperate contest to take the ball from everyone in the throng, whether they be on the same team or not. Except for my kid.  He’s usually on the other side of the field, trying to chat it up with any females who happen to … Continue reading Bend It Like Roundbottom


  “Here come da judge…here come da judge….” Everyone goes on and on about “the terrible twos”.  Weary parents the world over have bemoaned how terrible life becomes once the small ones move past the “cute, unable to escape you” phase to the point that it has become a cliché.  This might be surprising to hear from the guy constantly going on about the challenges of parenting, … Continue reading Lawyered


“He may be a jerk, but he’s MY jerk…” – Aristotle I’ll never forget the day Footloose met Roundbottom. It was the day after the little rotund one had made his big debut on this unsuspecting little blue marble we call Earth.  As it turns out, the second delivery was a lot easier than the first, as the little cannonball shot right out with nary an issue … Continue reading Bros

I’m just…….done

  Adorable picture, right?  These are the moments we savor,aren’t they?  Moments of innocence and pure joy.  Moments made sweeter when we’re lucky enough to catch them on camera.  How wonderful it is to know I’ll have this picture to share with my boy when he asks me, “Daddy, will you tell me a story about me when I was little?” I’ll pull this picture … Continue reading I’m just…….done

Profiles in Disorder: Roundbottom

Holmes and Watson.  Batman and Robin. Riggs and Murtaugh.  Ahab and Moby Dick.  Our culture is rife with duos who are only at their best (or worst) when together.  Duos so intertwined that it is inconceivable to think of one without the other.  In that spirit, where you find Footloose you are assured to find:   ROUNDBOTTOM Known Aliases:  Hammer of Chaos, Harbinger of the Storm, … Continue reading Profiles in Disorder: Roundbottom