The Twelve Days of Craziness

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Mommy and Daddy begged for these: 12 Hours for sleeping, 11 Maids-a-cleaning, 10 Amazon Prime orders shipping, 9 Grown-up-movie viewings, 8 Adult beverages chilling 7 Days of no screaming, 6 Chefs to do the cooking, 5 More days off 4 Filled-up flasks 3 Bottles of aspirin 2 Contented kids And an offer to keep them tonight from Grammyyyyyy!! Happy Holidays, Everyone!     Continue reading The Twelve Days of Craziness


“He may be a jerk, but he’s MY jerk…” – Aristotle I’ll never forget the day Footloose met Roundbottom. It was the day after the little rotund one had made his big debut on this unsuspecting little blue marble we call Earth.  As it turns out, the second delivery was a lot easier than the first, as the little cannonball shot right out with nary an issue … Continue reading Bros

Love in the Time of Toddlers

  Here’s the ironic thing about love, sex, marriage, and childbirth: Desire leads to pursuit. Pursuit leads to romance. Romance leads to love. Love leads to sex. Sex leads to children. Children lead to endless thwarted opportunities for their parents to engage in the very activity that brought them into the world to begin with. Rinse and repeat. They say love is easy, its marriage that’s hard.  Well, add children … Continue reading Love in the Time of Toddlers

“When Are We Gonna Have Another What??”

Recently I was on the phone with a dear friend (affectionately referred to as “Lil’ Sis”), who’s due to deliver her second child within the next few weeks.  This go-round had been a bit harder on her than the first, and she indicated that she was more than ready to evict the raucous tenant in her womb who apparently was spending most of the night staying … Continue reading “When Are We Gonna Have Another What??”