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I’m A NT Parent, Not An Enemy To The Autistic Community

I’m a firm believer that you can’t advocate for a group without letting the very people you’re trying to support lead the way. My son is the autistic one. He calls the shots (in his own way). I’m just the support team. I’m well aware that there are things he goes through that I’m most likely never going to be able to identify with, even … Continue reading I’m A NT Parent, Not An Enemy To The Autistic Community

I Am The Law?

The children have started to show their asses. During those first few years, a lot of the disciplinary issues we ran into were due more to a lack of understanding on our little angels’ parts than anything else.  The children didn’t understand that the walls of our home weren’t blank canvases to create upon with their un-washable markers.  They didn’t understand that grabbing something right out of someone’s … Continue reading I Am The Law?

Why God Made the Children Cute

Let’s get real for a moment. What would you do if someone did this to you? What about this? This? HOW ABOUT THIS?? I’ll tell you what you’d do – you’d call the cops, call an exorcist, or mete out violent retribution with your own two thirsty-for-blood fists. Unless, of course, those responsible happened to look like this:   I have suffered each of these … Continue reading Why God Made the Children Cute