Ain’t That a Kick In the Head….

  Over the weekend, some dear friends invited us to their little boy’s first birthday party.  I try never to miss these things.  First of all, it gives us the chance to catch up with friends that we hardly ever see due to the fact that we have all become indentured servants to our respective tiny overlords.  Second, it gives us the opportunity to get … Continue reading Ain’t That a Kick In the Head….

Promises To My Boys

Boys, Promises are a tricky thing when you’re a dad.  I want so much for you that sometimes I worry that I’ll fall into the trap of promising things that I have no chance of delivering, just because I don’t want to crush your little dreams.  Of course that ends up happening anyway once I can’t deliver.  Promising and not delivering actually ends up making things worse, because now  not only are you disappointed, … Continue reading Promises To My Boys