Keep Staring

I see them when we’re out and about.  Those people who can’t help but stare at my boy. It starts almost the moment they become aware of him.  He’s easy to notice.  It doesn’t matter if he’s happy, excited, scared, or upset.  They can’t help but notice him.  If he’s happy or excited, they’ll see him hopping up or down, waving his arms, flapping his fingers.  It’s … Continue reading Keep Staring


“He may be a jerk, but he’s MY jerk…” – Aristotle I’ll never forget the day Footloose met Roundbottom. It was the day after the little rotund one had made his big debut on this unsuspecting little blue marble we call Earth.  As it turns out, the second delivery was a lot easier than the first, as the little cannonball shot right out with nary an issue … Continue reading Bros

The Boy Wants What He Wants

  As an overgrown man-child, I thought going into fatherhood that I would be able to anticipate the things my kids would go gaga-over.  I’m 39 years old, and to this day I’d still rather watch cartoons than news or football, and I have  collections of comics and action figures that Mama Angel swears are taking up indispensable real estate in our garage and basement.  (She … Continue reading The Boy Wants What He Wants