Too Little Or Too Much?

  It’s not unusual to question if you’re doing enough when you’re raising an autistic child.  Part of that is just general anxiety.  The other is worrying over whether or not the reason he or she isn’t making the progress you’re hoping for because you’re not giving them enough time, therapy, guidance, etc.  It’s hard to benchmark as well, because every autistic child is unique.  … Continue reading Too Little Or Too Much?

The Ticking Clock

Sometimes it feels like we’re raising our boy under a ticking clock. To some degree, every parent feels that way.  We tend to judge ourselves by how quickly our kids reach certain milestones.  The points at which our children start to walk, talk, read, etc. tend to set the standard by which we judge their progress,  along with our own.   It’s no different when you’re parenting a child … Continue reading The Ticking Clock

To Those Who Are Kind

My boy was having a rough time this morning. The pollen apocalypse hit us full force about a week ago.  Even The Mighty Footloose was brought to his knees, coming home from school with puffed eyes, flushed cheeks, and hurricane force sneezing that I’m reasonably sure could take down a brick house (like the one we happen to live in). Allergy season always takes a heavy toll on … Continue reading To Those Who Are Kind

For The Special Needs Parents

You might be feeling defeated today. The exhaustion and anxiety have set in. You feel like Sisyphus with his rock. You got so far with your child, and then something went wrong.  It could have been any number of things; A meltdown. A bad trip to the doctor.  A denial of benefits. A call from school, or a cruel comment from people who should know … Continue reading For The Special Needs Parents