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I’m A NT Parent, Not An Enemy To The Autistic Community

I’m a firm believer that you can’t advocate for a group without letting the very people you’re trying to support lead the way. My son is the autistic one. He calls the shots (in his own way). I’m just the support team. I’m well aware that there are things he goes through that I’m most likely never going to be able to identify with, even … Continue reading I’m A NT Parent, Not An Enemy To The Autistic Community

When Your Child Is Diagnosed Autistic – First Step

Maybe you saw it coming.  Maybe the idea never even crossed your mind.  Either way, your child has just been diagnosed.  So where do you start? By taking a deep breath, and not doing anything. Don’t start reading pamphlets.  Don’t start calling therapists.  For the love of God, DON’T JUMP ON-LINE. Go home and take a moment to remember everything you knew about your baby the day … Continue reading When Your Child Is Diagnosed Autistic – First Step

Too Little Or Too Much?

  It’s not unusual to question if you’re doing enough when you’re raising an autistic child.  Part of that is just general anxiety.  The other is worrying over whether or not the reason he or she isn’t making the progress you’re hoping for because you’re not giving them enough time, therapy, guidance, etc.  It’s hard to benchmark as well, because every autistic child is unique.  … Continue reading Too Little Or Too Much?

The Ticking Clock

Sometimes it feels like we’re raising our boy under a ticking clock. To some degree, every parent feels that way.  We tend to judge ourselves by how quickly our kids reach certain milestones.  The points at which our children start to walk, talk, read, etc. tend to set the standard by which we judge their progress,  along with our own.   It’s no different when you’re parenting a child … Continue reading The Ticking Clock