Payback or What I Want From My Kids

Parenting can be a thankless job.  Sure we get Mother’s and Father’s Days, and every once in a while they’ll make us some little craft or art project out of the blue, but for the most part parenting is a one-way street.  We raise them, care for them, provide for them, and they go on about their lives never questioning the golden parachute that is … Continue reading Payback or What I Want From My Kids

The Twelve Days of Craziness

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Mommy and Daddy begged for these: 12 Hours for sleeping, 11 Maids-a-cleaning, 10 Amazon Prime orders shipping, 9 Grown-up-movie viewings, 8 Adult beverages chilling 7 Days of no screaming, 6 Chefs to do the cooking, 5 More days off 4 Filled-up flasks 3 Bottles of aspirin 2 Contented kids And an offer to keep them tonight from Grammyyyyyy!! Happy Holidays, Everyone!     Continue reading The Twelve Days of Craziness

Smells Like Middle-Aged Spirit

Last week my lovely wife was able to score some free tickets to go see a Nirvana cover band through her work.  She could hardly suppress her glee, being a huge fan of Mr. Cobain’s little garage band that could.  I was instructed to arrange for babysitting service, provide her one of the many cherished flannel shirts I had held onto since high school, and prepare to “get our … Continue reading Smells Like Middle-Aged Spirit

Nap-Nap Go Bye-Bye

Footloose’s Naptime January 2012 – August 2016 Footloose’s nap time (aka “Nap-Nap”, “Sleepy-Time”, “The Most Important Time of the Day”) left this world on Sunday August 7th, 2016, despite extreme measures being taken to preserve its life.  Cause of death was repeated objections, constant hopping out of bed, and refusal on the part of Footloose himself to calm his mind and go the f*&k to sleep.  It has been suggested … Continue reading Nap-Nap Go Bye-Bye

I’m just…….done

  Adorable picture, right?  These are the moments we savor,aren’t they?  Moments of innocence and pure joy.  Moments made sweeter when we’re lucky enough to catch them on camera.  How wonderful it is to know I’ll have this picture to share with my boy when he asks me, “Daddy, will you tell me a story about me when I was little?” I’ll pull this picture … Continue reading I’m just…….done