Advice I Wish I Had Gotten

Well, hello there!  Feeling a little TIRED, are we?  Maybe a little RUN DOWN?  Surely, it couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with that wondrous little miracle that the hospital made you bring home without the courtesy of providing any care instructions!  After all, taking care of a new, incredibly fragile human being can’t possible be any harder than driving, can it?  I mean, you have to have … Continue reading Advice I Wish I Had Gotten

The Grammanati

I’ve noticed something a bit curious about the interactions between my mother and children. Every time Granny Awesome keeps the boys overnight, we always have a quick de-briefing to see when and if she’ll ever watch them again. The response I get is always the same: “Oh, they were sweet little angels. They slept all night, didn’t give me any problems with eating. They were just … Continue reading The Grammanati


  “Here come da judge…here come da judge….” Everyone goes on and on about “the terrible twos”.  Weary parents the world over have bemoaned how terrible life becomes once the small ones move past the “cute, unable to escape you” phase to the point that it has become a cliché.  This might be surprising to hear from the guy constantly going on about the challenges of parenting, … Continue reading Lawyered

I Know Where The Little Socks Go

  I have to make this quick.  I’m being watched. Last week, as part of a “staycation” I was taking to mourn my 40th birthday, I attempted to tackle a few household chores.  Anyone with small children can tell you that trying to keep the house straightened up is a full-time job in and of itself, mostly due to the fact that said little ones … Continue reading I Know Where The Little Socks Go

Stop Hitting Yourself

  It’s one of the oldest games in the book , “Stop Hitting Yourself”.  For anyone who isn’t familiar (ie: didn’t grow up with brothers or sisters) it’s fairly basic.  You take the hand of your significantly weaker sibling, and then proceed to force them to smack themselves in the face with said hand until such time as the victim’s screaming alerts your parents to the … Continue reading Stop Hitting Yourself


“He may be a jerk, but he’s MY jerk…” – Aristotle I’ll never forget the day Footloose met Roundbottom. It was the day after the little rotund one had made his big debut on this unsuspecting little blue marble we call Earth.  As it turns out, the second delivery was a lot easier than the first, as the little cannonball shot right out with nary an issue … Continue reading Bros