When You Feel Like You’re Failing

I’d love to be able to say that I can go any significant amount of time without feeling like I’m completely failing as a parent.  Some of it is depression, some of it is anxiety, and a lot of it is simply the fact that I can’t give my family everything that I wish that I could. Expensive vacations.  A huge house.  Top of the … Continue reading When You Feel Like You’re Failing

Too Little Or Too Much?

  It’s not unusual to question if you’re doing enough when you’re raising an autistic child.  Part of that is just general anxiety.  The other is worrying over whether or not the reason he or she isn’t making the progress you’re hoping for because you’re not giving them enough time, therapy, guidance, etc.  It’s hard to benchmark as well, because every autistic child is unique.  … Continue reading Too Little Or Too Much?

I Am The Law?

The children have started to show their asses. During those first few years, a lot of the disciplinary issues we ran into were due more to a lack of understanding on our little angels’ parts than anything else.  The children didn’t understand that the walls of our home weren’t blank canvases to create upon with their un-washable markers.  They didn’t understand that grabbing something right out of someone’s … Continue reading I Am The Law?

The Ticking Clock

Sometimes it feels like we’re raising our boy under a ticking clock. To some degree, every parent feels that way.  We tend to judge ourselves by how quickly our kids reach certain milestones.  The points at which our children start to walk, talk, read, etc. tend to set the standard by which we judge their progress,  along with our own.   It’s no different when you’re parenting a child … Continue reading The Ticking Clock

To Medicate Or Not To Medicate

I know this seems a bit out-of-place, but I’ve noticed lately on some of the online dad groups I frequent that a lot of parents are struggling with the issue of medication for mood disorders like depression or anxiety. Whether it be for themselves or even their kids. Lord knows I have. After all, when you’re hurting, all you want is relief. Even more so when … Continue reading To Medicate Or Not To Medicate