Too Little Or Too Much?

  It’s not unusual to question if you’re doing enough when you’re raising an autistic child.  Part of that is just general anxiety.  The other is worrying over whether or not the reason he or she isn’t making the progress you’re hoping for because you’re not giving them enough time, therapy, guidance, etc.  It’s hard to benchmark as well, because every autistic child is unique.  … Continue reading Too Little Or Too Much?

LEGOS Up The Nose, Or We Could Have Just Been Pet People

On today’s episode of “We Could Have Just Been Pet People”… Last night, as I was getting ready to head out to a parent/teacher conference for his big brother, SOMEONE (having decided his father didn’t have nearly enough stress in his life) SHOVED A DAMN LEGO UP HIS NOSTRIL. Not just a little bit up in there, either. DAMN NEAR UP TO THE SEPTUM. Now … Continue reading LEGOS Up The Nose, Or We Could Have Just Been Pet People

The Heroes Our Kids Deserve

“How can you bring children into a world where things like this happen?” Because of them.  The heroes who revealed themselves on September 11, 2001. The first responders who ran in headfirst to save those that could be saved. Far too many innocent lives were lost that day.  How many more would have been if not for those men and women? I can honestly look … Continue reading The Heroes Our Kids Deserve

To All Those Unmitigated, Parent-Shaming Douche Nozzles

DISCLAIMER:  It’s not that I’ve been the victim of parent shaming, per se.  It’s more that I’ve just had enough of parents being ugly to each other. Before we even get started, why yes – yes I do kiss my kids with this mouth. If you’re feeling a bit defensive after reading this title, it may be because you often find yourself dispensing what you … Continue reading To All Those Unmitigated, Parent-Shaming Douche Nozzles

I Am The Law?

The children have started to show their asses. During those first few years, a lot of the disciplinary issues we ran into were due more to a lack of understanding on our little angels’ parts than anything else.  The children didn’t understand that the walls of our home weren’t blank canvases to create upon with their un-washable markers.  They didn’t understand that grabbing something right out of someone’s … Continue reading I Am The Law?

The Ticking Clock

Sometimes it feels like we’re raising our boy under a ticking clock. To some degree, every parent feels that way.  We tend to judge ourselves by how quickly our kids reach certain milestones.  The points at which our children start to walk, talk, read, etc. tend to set the standard by which we judge their progress,  along with our own.   It’s no different when you’re parenting a child … Continue reading The Ticking Clock