To My Boy on His 5th Birthday


I know it’s hard
When you can’t find the words to say.
But the truth, my darling boy,
Is that you speak volumes in your own special way.
With a laugh, with a smile,
With a dance to your own happy beat,
You show us all a life that couldn’t be more sweet.
And even on the days when it’s hard,
When you can’t get anyone to understand,
Just know that I’ll always be here,
Ready to take your hand.
Because you’re my Cray-Cray, my darling boy,
A little whirlwind who’s brought me so much joy.
No matter how tough things might get,
I know your best days are still ahead of you yet.
So Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Time to dance and play!
Daddy loves you more than words can ever say.

Happy Birthday, little buddy…….

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